Value Propositions

  • Reduce monthly electric bills through conservation & rate/use optimization
  • Ability to monitor home and energy use remotely
  • Preventive maintenance alerts
  • Enhanced trust & confidence in utility billing accuracy & fairness
  • Sense of emotional connection with resource conservation
  • Teaching conservation & responsibility to children through games

Utility Companies:
  • Enhanced cash flow
  • Reduction of billing/payment processing expenses
  • Virtual elimination of chronic collection action accounts
  • Reduction of customer complaints regarding billing & charges
  • Transparency in consumer rates and billing
  • Reduction of regulatory compliance action costs
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • PR value to utility stakeholders & regulators

Watch former president Obama on Smart Meters

As featured in
washington post

Why 50 million smart meters still haven’t fixed America’s energy habits

Five years ago came the promise: A great new way of saving money on your energy bills was on its way. An impressive new device called a “smart meter” — a key component of the much touted “smart grid” — would let consumers actually see how much power they’re using in their homes, thus empowering them to change their habits and slash their bills.

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